Restoring Hope Christian Academy offers individualized academic services for students. We understand students may learn on a unique level. Our goal is to provide the best learning environment for everyone.
The following are services provided to students that qualify:

ASSIGNMENTS (All subject areas)
• Give directions in small distinct settings
• Abbreviated assignments
• Extended times
• Modify content
• Give extra cues and prompts
• Provide extra grade opportunities (redo items missed, extra credit, etc.)
• No penalty for spelling / handwriting
• Presentation of subject matter

• Adaptive seating (booster chairs, sensory, etc.)
• Preferential seating
• Small group/ flexible setting as needed

• Read aloud
• Modify test format (word blank, multiple choice, and short  answer)
• Extended time
• Prompting upon request
• Preferential seating
• Flexible setting as needed

• Visual schedules
• Visual/verbal cues
• Individualized academic goal settings
• Individualized crisis plan
• Visual timers
• Sensory break area

A referral will need to be submitted by a teacher or parent. The IAS team will then assess the student and determine what services may be needed.